Volkstheater Munich | DE | © Carsten Eichler


On October 15th, the Munich Volkstheater starts the season in its newly occupied venue in the Viehhof area. With a construction time of only 2.5 years and in compliance with the budget, the project was implemented virtually without a hitch.

I am pleased that I was able to make a contribution to this exciting project by developing and planning the seating for both halls.

University College SYD | Esbjerg | DK | © Ctibor Danhel


Lecture hall at University College UC SYD in Esbjerg completed. Design and implementation planning of an auditorium with 144 seats.


I’m Carsten Eichler, born in 1968, a freelance industrial designer with a diploma at the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Applied Sciences.

My work is characterized by fairness and sustainability, I rely on a long-term, partnership-based customer relationship. For me, team spirit means responding to the individual wishes and requirements of the customer.

I look forward to your inquiry.

For me, good design is characterized by innovation, utility and a timeless design language. It creates added value for the customer because the product stands out from the market in a beneficial way …

Furniture design is a special area within product design. It includes the design of a wide variety of furnishings for both private and public areas …..

The product graphic is part of the overall appearance of a product. Logo, lettering, decors round off the appearance – make it a brand with recognition value …

Visualization is an important component of product development. Photo-realistic ren-derings can illustrate the design idea and make it “real” at an early stage in the con-cept phase …

In cooperation with the customer, user and architect, object-related plans are created at the interface between design and interior architecture …

In cooperation with a network of companies from various production areas, prototypes are created that meet the requirements of the respective project …